invest in romania

the right time, the right place

Discovering and analysing Romania’s competitive advantages, smart investors realize that the greatest benefit of investing here is that the Romanian business climate provides a platform for reaching broad business objectives that might include penetrating new markets, globalizing company operations or establishing new supply-chain partnerships. A young, skilled, well trained and educated labor force (english is widely spoken), abundant natural resources, geographical advantages and one of the largest markets in CEE are attributes that make Romania an increasingly attractive destination for investment.

why romania

advantages you should consider


One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe, there are increasing business opportunities, while the entry barriers remain low


Young, skilled labor force, with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering
Rich natural resources, including fertile agricultural land, oil and gas

Political arguments

Stable executive power
Stability factor in the Area -NATO member
Stability Guarantee in South Eastern Europe

International relatioships

Bilateral agreements between Romania and other countries for investments promotion and protection

Economical arguments

Interest from foreign investors – the main destination of foreign direct investment flows in the region

Improving Infrastructure

Infrastructure subjected to a comprehensive process of modernization – aligning with EU standards

social advantages

Lack of major trade union movement generated by the agreements between The Government and the employers’ unions

Legislative reasons

Legal provisions similar to those in the European Union; Fiscal policy regulated by the Fiscal Code.

location benefits

geostrategic importance

Romania is situated in South-East Central Europe, to the north of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, bordered in the southeast by the Black Sea, Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the west and Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the north and east.

Romania benefits from its geographical location, the conjunction of three important pan-European transportation corridors: the corridor linking Western and Eastern Europe, the corridor connecting Northern and Southern Europe and not least the Danube River, facilitating inland water transportation and connecting the Romanian Port of Constanta (the biggest Port on the Black Sea) to Northern Europe, through the Rhine river.