Factory Planning

make the right decisions!

Integrated factory planning with production and material flow optimization after Lean principles (Lean Factory design). Our business activities start form the goal definition and current status analysis up to the start of your lean production. Looking ahead. So that you can now make the right decisions.

Why take an external view on your production? We see your situation on neutral bases, unbiased and analyze facing forward. You thereby gain important insights for your future: Where are the limitations in your production areas? How can we utilize existing capacities better? What is the next step for a successful future? Through good planning we ensure better structures for optimal operation of the production so that all units work efficiently. As master planners, we also include the long-term perspective to take the right decisions for the future.


process optimization


The special challenge to connect the current organization as well as present working processes efficiently to its entirety, is our core competence.

We create value without waste - but how? Your next steps should be considered as a whole and therefore we use innovative methods of process optimization. We rely on Lean concepts, because they are easy to apply, understandable in a short time and lead to success...



built identity of your enterprise

Corporate Architecture stands for the built identity of your enterprise. We understand your identity as a strategical process to give specific insights into the tradition, the approach and the self-image of your enterprise. Our job is to contribute to your identity with long lasting success.

An efficient factory is achieved through the special combination of individual architecture and system design by a selected general contractor...


Relocation Planning

made easy - step by step and free of stress


Inventory Analysis

Moving Concept

Order Placement

Scheduling & cost control

Acceptance & Claim Management

Why put yourself under relocation stress? Because we carry the load for you. Conveniently and efficiently. With foresight and sovereignty. You can rely on our deadlines and costs. We see potential obstacles in advance and proceed so that your operations are the least disturbed. Preferably, at night or on weekends.

Our range of services starts already in site selection and closes after the move. On request we offer turnkey solutions. With our routine you are on the safe side. We have supported a wide variety of businesses starting by small and medium-sized to large companies in the relocation. This applies for industrial plants, people, furniture or art to relocate. You will benefit from a professional interface management which covers the authorities, suppliers, customers and employees. Approvals, documentation and follow-up management is included. Our approach has method and is individually tailored to your needs.