solutions for the future

When it comes to investing in production, energy, agriculture, human resources,
innovation and eco-efficiency, research and development, information technology and communication,
European Funding might represent a solution to financing such services, as well as a series of activities
you might consider developing in other areas.

We provide complete integrated solutions for our clients, assuming responsibility for all phases of the process, from preliminary approval of funding to complete reimbursement of all eligible project-related expenses.


identifying the relevant financing programs and making recommendation towards choosing the right program

assistance in project development

drafting documentation (Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Application, Financial Model, Financial Analysis, whichever is required )

creating the optimal financing structure

writing the application form and compiling the application file

assistance during the evaluation phase

Project Management and assistance in project implementation (progress reports, reimbursement applications, assistance and supervision in the procurement process, liaising with authorities and stakeholder entities, supervision of the progress and timeliness of project activities)